A HOLY LAND [analog photography]

A Holy Land: A glimpse through its windows is a small publication filled with shots taken during a 6 months stay in The Holy Land (Palestine/Israel). With a special fixation for its windows and apertures. From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv going through Ramallah, Nablus or Nave Shalom. This project is presented as a book that mixes still images with small explanations or considerations about the idea of “opening”.

(some words are clickable)︎︎︎ I am superficial because I learn through touch. I understand through touch. I touch surfaces. I touch with my hands , my eyes , my mind , my words . I touch objects , people and screens . Surfaces. I believe we are all very superficial. I also believe we can redefine the word superficial and detach it from the negative connotation its been given throughout the last decades.