A SUPERFICIAL PROJECT [graphic/photo/art direction/editorial]

Superficial dances through surfaces, skins, layers. It talks about what is visible and what is not. What is covered and hidden and can be imagined or sensed. It is a haptic project. It touches the touch in its most extensive sense. Seeing through the hands or feeling with the eyes is possible.

Superficial is a statement. Superficial wants to redefine the word in itself. Commonly when we say a person is superficial we are calling them uninteresting, dull, flat, shallow, they are even being called naive or ignorant. On the contrary I strongly believe that we are all superficial. How do you explain how we understand ourselves or the world around us? We touch, we love to touch. We touch with our hands and we touch with our eyes and we feel everything we touch through our skin, the only, most precious and perfect surface we are ever going to own.

Superficial is a collection of many things, ideas. There are three small white books filled with essays and references about the world we inhabit, the relationships we develop and the economies we partake in accompanied with pictures I have been taking on the way that reflect, somehow this superficiality that defines us. Next to the three chapters there is a 100% silk chiffon scarf where, with a strong black typography, one can read the word “superficial”. It is ethereal by nature and strong in meaning.

Another thing that plays a part in the collection is the small stamp and ink that sits next to the scarf. The stamp fits perfectly in one hand and it can be used on every even surface that one may encounter. The own body or the bodies of third parties might be as well used as canvases to show and remember the memento: “I shed my skin everyday”.

Last but not least. A white baseball cap with black and bold superficial is added to the compilation to be worn out in public as a form of protest.

(some words are clickable)︎︎︎ I am superficial because I learn through touch. I understand through touch. I touch surfaces. I touch with my hands , my eyes , my mind , my words . I touch objects , people and screens . Surfaces. I believe we are all very superficial. I also believe we can redefine the word superficial and detach it from the negative connotation its been given throughout the last decades.