PLEATS, PLEASE [design/photography]

Through the years I have been investigating the mechanical, physical and conceptual properties of diverse materials with the aim of transforming flat surfaces into three dimensional things by repeating modules onto skins like papers, plastics and textiles.

The human body is present in terms of dimensions and proportions but has also been useful and used to explore possible applications of the experiments.

Since 2020 I give periodic workshops @TMDC or other spaces about tessellation and the possibilities behind its mechanisation. Check my instagram for uptades!

(some words are clickable)︎︎︎ I am superficial because I learn through touch. I understand through touch. I touch surfaces. I touch with my hands , my eyes , my mind , my words . I touch objects , people and screens . Surfaces. I believe we are all very superficial. I also believe we can redefine the word superficial and detach it from the negative connotation its been given throughout the last decades.