THINGS WE COVER [graphic design]

Coses que es tapen (Things we cover) is part of my BA Final Project called “A superficial project”. Things we cover is about taboos, about things or ideas that we cover/protect/hide either because we are afraid of, we are ashamed of or we want to keep them out from the sight of others for any other reason.

It is presented as a series of A3 prints done with the letterpress technique which consists of stamping, by pressing directly onto the paper –without ink in this case– from a prearranged set of types to the desired surface. These sheets are hand made, specifically for engraving utilizing a 250gr cotton blend and finally, cutted manually.

Some of the things we cover and therefore are in this collection are:

The fear / The pots / The tuppers / The eyes / The toilet / The racism / The nipples / The lies / The corruption / The holes / The penis / The swimming pools during winter / The dead bodies / The vagina / The tooth decay / The wounds / The pain / The ears / The windows / The butt / The beds / The pens / The hands / The books / The face / The trash / The jewelry / The period / The errors / The fruit

Each print is unique and there is only one copy. They are available for purchase at Bazar Bacchus.

(some words are clickable)︎︎︎ I am superficial because I learn through touch. I understand through touch. I touch surfaces. I touch with my hands , my eyes , my mind , my words . I touch objects , people and screens . Surfaces. I believe we are all very superficial. I also believe we can redefine the word superficial and detach it from the negative connotation its been given throughout the last decades.